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Endereço: Rua Farme de Amoedo, 80 , Ipanema - Rio de Janeiro , RJ - Brasil - 22410-002


22 2623-08...

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Stephy Hughes

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Kicks. Sneakers. Fabrical Toe Covers. Whatever the hell you want to call shoes, I love them. I love a good pair of sneakers and I want them to be colorful, quirky and comfy. Clearly Maz in Ipanema heard my universal request, because there were a ton of cheap and comfy shoes to choose from.

I ended up going with a sweet pair of burgundy and red shoes and also scored a pair of multi-green shoes with lime green soles. Awesome! For two pairs it came to R$130, so in US terms, a pretty reasonably priced pair of stylish tennies.

The two gals that were working the night we came in were super friendly and really helpful and they helped me go through many different pairs to find the shoe that made me feel like Cinderella. Sadly, for the price of the shoe, a hot Prince doesn't appear or come home with you, but hey, what can ya do. At least I have cute shoes to wear as I ride my pumpkin around town! :)

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